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McDelivery Night In 

Capitalizing on the “joy of missing out” (JOMO) trend, we created the McDelivery Night In collection – a custom line of 'Hygge'-inspired apparel and accessories, and a one-of-a-kind McDelivery-themed couch. I led the creative development of ten successful activations, each delivering convenience to doorsteps around the world.

Campaigns and integrations across paid, earned, social and owned efforts drove a steady drumbeat of coverage and increased guest counts, expanding McDelivery with Uber Eats’ presence in the growing delivery space. With 50 markets participating worldwide and by leveraging the McDelivery Night In collection as motivation, we delivered food, cozy threads and the best-selling day for McDelivery on record.

Creative Director: Chri Romero

Senior Art Director: Jennifer Stone

Senior Designer: Mar Yama

Producer: Adrienne Ochoa

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