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Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing Live is a flagship innovation moment for Ads and Commerce, bringing together digital marketing leaders for Google’s clients, agencies and partners.

This time around we embraced the moment to come together, after years of social distancing, to get a glimpse into the future of Google Ad products.

The Google Marketing Live identity was inspired by the language of the brand’s digital marketing, advertising platforms and products. We extended that into the physical space through structures, signage and product-centered engagements. The event culminated in a lively celebration of the brand and its community with games and live music.

The hybrid experience generated 27k unique viewers from the live digital experience, 2.8m keynote video views online and 700 in-person attendees from 150 countries around the world.

Executive Creative Director: Philip McDougall

Creative Director: Chri Romero

Brand Design: Not Real Studio

Creative Content: Freeman 

Production: Salt Productions

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